Pool Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Water Loss

You have a swimming pool and it is losing water. This is the point where you call a service professional or pick up your tool box and get to work. There are a series of basic steps that every qualified swimming pool technician will take to diagnose the unexplained water loss in your pool. These can be easily accomplished by yourself, and often can be done more accurately so since pool history and first hand experience of the water loss is pivotal in troubleshooting this situation.

Vinyl liner and concrete swimming pools could potentially lose water in so many different ways that it would seem impossible to diagnose the problem accurately. By using some simple deductive logic you can easily break down the pool into sections and isolate the general location of the leak.

Finding Leaks

The menu on the right is a chronological step by step process to determine where a swimming pool is leaking. This website is written as a readthrough technical assistance guide for locating leaks.

When you believe you have identified where the pool is leaking you need to go to our sister website to see pictures and learn more about the actual swimming pool leak repair process. For now you can see the full list of swimming pool repair resources or start the leak testing process.