Find A Leak In Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be difficult to diagnose for unexplained water loss. A general lack of congruent building practices from one pool to the next can make finding leaks complicated. Follow the links on the right to familiarize yourself with these important leak detection considerations before proceeding to the first diagnostic test.

It can be easy to jump ahead in order to short cut to a solution to your leaking swimming pool. False positives are not uncommon for swimming pool diagnostic tests, and so you must thoroughly understand how to test your pool and how to analyze any test results that you get.

The first thing to consider when searching for a leak in your swimming pool is to locate and inspect any signs of damage

The menu on the right is a chronological step by step process to determine where a swimming pool is leaking. This website is written as a readthrough technical assistance guide for locating leaks. When you believe you have identified where the pool is leaking you need to go to our sister website to see pictures and learn more about the actual swimming pool leak repair process.